Crow in a Closed Off Room
Monday 1st, November 2021
Reported Experience
An old house which is estimated to be roughly 200 years old is the location of an oddities occurring with some that can be explained away but there are one or two aspects that are a bit more difficult to answer. This house is where a couple have lived for approximately two years with their young daughter at the time of these experiences starting.

The husband was working from home and is a self proclaimed skeptic (the wife has also been described as a skeptic), on one particular day he was working from his bedroom and heard what he described as breathing which he described as being "close to me". Then a time after the husband wasn't feeling the best so he went to bed early but was unable to get to sleep and started to hear a similar breathing sound as previously heard, he thought it odd again to be hearing this sound but went to sleep after some time had passed.

Further on in time from the breathing sounds being heard the husband was in bed at approximately 11:30 one night. The couple's young daughter sleeps in the same room as them and the young child was said to be fast asleep at the time the husband went to bed. The husband was woken by his wife screaming and shaking him, after calming his wife down she described seeing a "black shadow like figure" over the couples bed and then moving over to the direction of the husband and just then this is when the wife woke him up screaming.

After these few occurrences the couple decided to get some help and called in the local priest to bless the rooms with holy water, but after this blessing the husband described the couple as having "extremely bad luck" in life.

The next experience was one day the husband was in a room alone with his wife and daughter downstairs, out of nowhere the bulb in the room exploded which gave the husband a fight as it would as most people don't expect light bulbs to explode.

One day about a year or so before the lightbulb exploding the husband was in the house alone and went into the room that is now the couples bedroom, the husband says that the bedroom door was closed but upon entering the room there was a black bird sitting on the window sill inside the room with no logical way that the bird could have gotten into the room.

The room in question where the couple call their bedroom now was said to have been originally closed off and never used by the husband's aunt who originally owned the house and who had passed away a couple months earlier.

After this the story goes cold and there are no further updates.

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