Do Demons Exist Or Are They A Human Creation?!
Thursday 23rd, March 2023
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The nature of this article may divide and challenge some people's religious beliefs, if you feel in the slightest that you may be offended with any challenge or questioning of your religious beliefs then this article isn't for you.

Let start off with what is a demon, there are many different ways that this can be answered depending on who you ask but for this article lets agree that at it's core a demon is a malevolent supernatural entity.

So where do demons come from, some people will say that they have always been around and others say that they have existed only since humans came to be on this planet.

We're going to go on many different tangents with this article as to try and answer the question as to "do demons exist" as it's not a straight forward answer.

Belief in demons can be broken down into two groups, belief from a religious point of view and belief from a paranormal point of view. There can be crossover but for simplicity of this article we will keep it a clear line with two groups.

Paranormal Belief in Demons
The paranormal point of view is a little easier to understand and explain, with that said it's not easy to explain either point of view's belief in demons fully.

A lot of paranormal investigators that believe in demons will find it almost effortless to believe due to the individual already being involved in the paranormal, with that said there are many investigators that categorically don't believe in demons at all.

For the paranormal investigator that believes in demons, the belief can bolster and support other beliefs in the paranormal they may have, reinforcing other non-demon paranormal beliefs and further making them feel justified in the answers they seek in the field of paranormal investigation, driving them on to investigate.

It can be very loosely summed up as you believe in ghosts so why not demons for the investigators that believe in demons.

Religious Belief in Demons
The religious belief in demons has a lot more history and depth to it so we'll only lightly touch on the core aspects so as to not bore you.

The belief in demons is said to go back to the Paleolithc age but from a religious point of view we can see demons existing in ancient-medieval Christian demonology.

Over the years the idea of good and bad is preached to many a congregation, nothing wrong with that as there is good and bad all around us on a daily basis. The idea of good and bad is further reinforced in polar opposites in day to day life, up and down, slow and fast etc. good and bad must exist together for one can't exist without the other.

So if good exists than bad or evil must also exist, some believe that the idea of good and evil comes from the personification of light and dark in the story or 'Horus' (light) and 'Set' (dark) but that is a whole other conversation for another time.

Either way there is a strong underlining belief in good and bad in all religious belief systems.

So how do you keep people from sinning or straying away from the light and goodness of a religion, fear!

Scare individuals to keep them on the right track. Fear is a natural instinct that all humans are born with to protect us, it causes a few biological things to happen to prepare the body for a fight or flight scenario so to be able to harness fear to stop an individual from straying from the light, it can make perfect sense in some peoples eyes.

And what better way to cause fear then demons. Demons foster the worst of anything a human mind can think off, there are demons to suit anyone's worst and twisted nightmare.

It's worth nothing that the idea of demons being bad or evil isn't the belief in all religions, Christianity is one of the religions that believe demons are forces of evil, and have only one goal, to corrupt individuals.

To the question, do demons exist?

Yes and no, the idea/belief in demons can have a physical affect on some individuals due to the idea of what a demon is in that individuals own mind, so it's possible anything that can have a physical affect has to exist to some extent.

But also no, the demons society see in the movies and read about in books were created around the time that religious groups started preaching their sermons. The idea that there are entities that were never human and only exist to corrupt humans seems a bit too far to grasp. If the deity of a religion is meant to love you why would they allow the existence of such evil entities like demons?

Some might argue, what about possession and exorcisms, and, yes there are some possessions/exorcisms that might stump even the most analytical minded but in the first part of the answer above that yes demons exist, is the answer to possession and exorcisms, for an individual that is 100% invested in the belief of their religious views, it's very possible that the individual could manifest a lot of what is experienced in most possessions and exorcisms.

With that said, there are a hand full of possessions and exorcisms that don't tick all the boxes for a simple explanation in a deep belief of ones religion.

So to sum it up, demons do and don't exist but it's a wholly individual experience as to what you experience when it comes to demons.

Or is this exactly what the devil wants us to think...
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