Young Girl Talks To Grandparents She Never Met
Tuesday 21st, March 2023
Ireland Report / Story
In this ghostly experience the witness had lost their grandfather a couple of years previously to old age as well as their grandmother prior to the grandfather and the witness had since welcomed a new younger cousin into the family.

After the death of the witness's grandfather, the witness's aunt moved back to Galway with her husband from the United Kingdom where they were currently living.

On a particular day the witness was in the grandparents house when the aunt and husband arrived at the house with their young daughter who was a typical young girl full of energy and loved just playing and running around the house.

The young girl was playing around in the same room that everyone was in when all of a sudden the young girl ran upstairs and into the bedroom of the grandparents, the witness followed to make sure the young girl didn't touch anything in the room as it was keep in pristine condition.

As the witness arrived in the room he heard the young girl laughing and joking but there was no one else in the room.

The next thing the witness heard was the young girl saying,
"hi nana, hi gaga"

"nana and gaga your so funny"

This shocked the witness due to these names being the nick names the family had for their now deceased grandparents and further more the young girl was only born after the passing of the grandparents so she had never met them.

Stories like this are very common among a lot of families, it's very possible that the family had talked around the young girl before using the nicknames that the grandparents used or maybe it's possible the little girl actually saw and talked to a someone or something in the room that day.
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