'X' Pattern of Lights in the Sky Over Dublin
Friday 10th, September 2021
Reported Experience
Over a quiet south Dublin suburb on the night of Sunday the 30th of August 2020, the witness was bringing in their cat from their garden at approximately 1:30am when they noticed that the sky was "exceptionally clear" on this particular night.

The witness, a self confessed skeptic said that as they looked at the clear sky that a group of 6 to 8 lights in a fixed pattern that resemble an 'X' pattern. The witness reports that the lights moved past "very quickly" in a straight line from West to East.

The lights were reported to have been as bright as any star in the sky that night, the witness says that there was no noise from these lights passing by and that it only took 2-3 seconds for the lights to appear and then to be out of view, "About 2-3 seconds from visible horizon to horizon".

The witness goes on to try and justify what the light might have been, "Thought it might be a drone formation given the quick passover speed but it is quiet where we live and there was absolutely no noise so couldn't be a drone or a plane"

These lights weren't only seen the one time, "About a minute later two more similar lights passed overhead in an identical path and speed. Keeping the same fixed distance between each other", so it was either the same group of lights making a second pass or a separate set of lights in a similar pattern for the second group of lights.

Following the second group of 'X' pattern lights, approximately 2 minutes later, two more lights passed overhead, "two more lights passed in same trajectory/speed, except this time one of the lights appeared to be dancing with the other - moving closer, further, closer from the other light, like it was playing with it!".

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