Women Finds Jesus In Domino's Pizza Box
Thursday 19th, January 2023
A woman from Penzance, Cornwall in the United Kingdom has claimed to have found the face of Jesus in the base of her Domino's pizza box.

Kim Ellis is convinced she has found the face of Jesus in the bottom of her Domino's pizza box. Upon first seeing the pizza box she said,

I just looked up and noticed a little face looking back at me and thought it was funny,

My first thought was Jesus because of the flowing hair and beard.

Once Kim's partner returned to the room and saw what Kim had found he dubbed the it "pizza Jesus".

Kim went on to say,

I thought I'd share this one and see what other people saw.

Most people have found it funny, there's been lots of comments about who other people see too. It's always nice to make people laugh.

Kim being an atheist later said,

It didn't make me consider taking up Christianity, I think it'll take more than a greasy pizza box.

Is this a clear case of pareidolia or a sign from the all mighty??
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