Aggressive Dog and Bright Blue Light in Armagh, Ireland
Thursday 9th, September 2021
Reported Experience
On the night of the 10th of May 2011 in Armagh, Northern Ireland the witness in this case recounts that they were awoken from their sleep by their pet dog barking out the back of the house between roughly 1:00am and 3:00am.

In the case of the witness's house, the property is out of the way of built up areas and the back of the property looks out onto fields with trees around these field areas.

The witness put the dog barking down to the dog spotting some night wildlife which would be plentiful around a rural area like where the witness lived, but as the witness lay in bed they noticed that the dog's bark was more aggressive than the witness would have been used to hearing from their pet dog.

Due to the aggressive nature of the dogs barking the witness started to suspect an intruder was so the witness proceeded to the window of their room which looked out the back of the house from the second floor, they saw their dog that has white fur and the dog was barking at something in a north-north-east direction.

The area that the dog was barking at was obscured by the house as the parents room was in a part of the house that stuck out the back which happened to be blocking the area that the dog was barking.

The dog continued to bark for an additional 20 or so minutes and then all of a sudden the dog became frantic with barking and aggression that was out of character with their dog. The witness described the barking as like the dog wanted to attack something or someone the aggression was that bad.

The witness goes on to describe some strange aspects of this incident, the parent room was in closer proximity than the witnesses room but oddly enough the parents didn't seem to have been woken by the dog. The witness noticed the dog stopped barking so decided to get back into bed even feeling on edge from the experience.

After being back in bed for about 5 to 10 minutes the dog started to bark frantically and aggressively again, the witness got out of bed again and went to the window of their bedroom. The witness then goes on to describe the next part of their experience, "As I went to the window I couldn't see her any longer. I lifted the blinds completely up to improve my view… There was a huge huge bright explosion of light that lit up the entirety of outside and, strangely for a light who's source was outside, it lit up the inside of my room completely. The way I describe it to people is as if someone took a photo of you on a disposable camera or something and held the flash bit up at your eyes and took the photo you'd be blinded by the flash. It was like that except, strangely, I wasn't blinded by it. It was a blue light, not yellow or white or a mix of colours, it was a really really bright blue powerful light."

As soon as this took place the witness says they became absolutely terrified, they went on to say, "I have never been as afraid in my life, it was fear like I never felt, I turned and ran straight for my bed, I don't remember getting into bed, or laying in bed thinking about what just happened, or whether or not the dog continued to bark, I remember nothing after turning to run for my bed".

The next thing the witness remembers is waking up in their bed the next morning, and after a couple of weeks of holding off the witness eventually told their parents about what had happened that night.

The witness tried to explain away what had occured that night by using a situation like a fox hunter was in the trees at night and shun their flashlight into the witnesses bedroom window that night or that there was a lighting strike nearby that night.

Ultimately the witness came to the conclusion that the possible outcomes that they had come up with to explain what happened that night couldn't have been the cause of the dark barking and the bright light the witness experienced.

The witness said, "It was an extremely calm night and there was no weird weather and I can tell you it was no lamp, this light was so strong and it lit absolutely everything up, the fact I can't remember even getting into bed creeps me out".

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