Body Found In North Cork House May Have Been There For Over 20 Years - Cork, Ireland
Sunday 15th, January 2023
Ireland Report / Story
Human remains found in a boarded North Cork house may have been there for over 20 years.

GardaĆ­ are investigating the discovery of human remains in a boarded up house on Beecher Street after council staff were sent to clean out the property.

The property has been sealed off and the remains have been brought to CUH morgue.

The human remains have been reported to have been estimated at being in the property so long based on food found in the house that dates back to around 2001.

Investigators are hoping that dental records will help in identify the human remains.

Locals never raised any concerns as they thought that the person had move to the United Kingdom.

"A garda spokesperson said: "GardaĆ­ are investigating all the circumstances surrounding the discovery of a body in a house in Mallow, Co. Cork at approximately 12pm today 13th of January 2023."%/quotes_s%

%quotes_s%"The scene has been preserved. Enquiries are ongoing."%/quotes_s%