Multicolour Circular UFO Over Mullingar, Ireland
Wednesday 8th, September 2021
Reported Experience
On the night of the 4th of May 2021 in Mullingar, Ireland. A couple experienced a strange encounter in the early hours of the morning at approximately 1:40am.

One of the witnesses described the experience, it started as a lot of nights for most people while getting ready for bed, "I was in bed and my partner came to the bedroom at 1:40am", as the witnesses partner got ready for bed he looked out the bedroom window and shouted the witnesses name followed by "there is something in the sky".

The witness proceeded to jump out of bed to see a circular object in the sky with flashing lights that were, "changing colors, green, red, yellow, blue". The witness goes on to say that the object was huge and that they are certain that the object was not a drone. The object appeared to remain stationary in the sky with no movement witnessed during the encounter.

Eventually the witness decided to try and capture the object on camera, "It was about 5 minutes when I picked up my phone as I realised I should record it.", but as the witness went to start recording the circular object, the object went dark, all lights turned off and the object wasn't visible anymore.

The witness describes themself as a skeptical individual that has never believed in UFOs. They went on to say that the way the object turned off the lights or disappeared when they went to record it was strange, almost as if the object knew it was being watched by the witnesses.

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