Drone, Aircraft Or A UFO Over Tallaght, Ireland - July 1997
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Wednesday 11th, January 2023
Irish Report / Story
This case at first glance looks like it could be a drone or an aircraft, but there are a few aspects that don't add up completely.

On the night of the 7th of July 1997 in the Springfield area of Tallaght, Dublin the witness reports having seen a bright circular white light in the sky above them.

As the witness watched the light it is reported to have "expanded" into a bigger circle of light.

The light is stated to have been surrounded by more a few red and green lights as it increased in size.

The next thing the witness describes is that the red and green lights moved away from the bright light and the red and green lights moved around independently of the bright light before returning to surround the bright light.

At this point the bright light reduced in size until all lights were gone.