Captain John McNeill Boyd's Dog - St. Patrick's Cathedral
Tuesday 7th, September 2021
Captain of the HMS Ajax, John McNiell Boyd, which was lost at sea on the 9th of February 1861 is where Boyd lost his life.

When Boyd didn't return home and was subsequently laid to rest in the grounds of St. Patrick's Cathedral, Boyd's dog refused to leave his grave and slowly starved to death.

There have been many reports over the years of Boyd's faithful hound, one of these sightings was by the former Dean David Wilson, in Wilson's encounter with Boyd's dog, the dog was seen inside the cathedral beside a statue of Boyd.

There is much confusion as to the story of Boyd's death, The Times reported that Boyd was washed off a pier in Dún Laoghaire while trying to rescue the crew of the Neptune. Of the people swept off the pier, Boyd's body wasn't reportedly found for weeks after and the grave dug for him at Carrickbrennan was never used.

There are also conflicting stories of a ghost dog which has been seen at Glasnevin cemetery and some have come to believe that this is Boyd's dog, with that said though there is a headstone in St. Patrick's Cathedral ground for one John McNiell Boyd.

To this day some visitors still report seeing what they think could be Boyd's dog in or around St. Patrick's Cathedral's grounds.

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