Corrie Actor Simon Gregson Calls In Ghost Hunters To Deal With Woman In White
Thursday 30th, March 2023
Actor Simon Gregson who plays Steve McDonald on Coronation Street reportedly barricaded himself in a room of his home after seeing a ghost while home alone.

While actor Simon was being interviewed on Good Morning Britain he described how he invited a few ghost hunters into his home.

Simon says he brought Barri Ghai a paranormal investigator, Ian Lawman a psychic medium and Jayne Harris a paranormal researcher with the aim of helping with what he had experienced.

He went on to describe the experience when he was home alone and had thought his wife had returned early from a night out only to find out his wife wasn't home and that he had just seen a ghost.

Simon Gregson went on to say,
"Not long after, Emma saw a ghost going across the landing. Friday nights are my nights and Saturday nights are Emma's nights."

"So on Saturday night, Emma had gone out and I rang Emma at about half one in the morning and said oh have you come home early? Because Emma likes to party and I was like half 1, this is early. So I rang her and said have you just walked across the landing, and she said no but did you see the woman in white? And she said, I saw it last night."

"I promptly closed the bedroom door and wedged it shut."

Following Simon's experience he agreed to let a group of 'professional' paranormal investigators into his house to try and get to the bottom of the strange going ons.

"I wanted to know exactly what we’ve got here, so, hopefully, we could put the whole thing to rest and get rid of the ghosts! What appealed to me was that the experts go into the whole history of the house and the local area,"
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