Magherafelt Alien Abduction In Forest, Ireland 1998
 Alien & UFOs
Wednesday 30th, November 2022
Irish Report / Story
Ireland wouldn't be the first place someone might think of when you mention UFOs or UAPs but Ireland has many of it's own stories when it comes to encounters with unexplained objects or entities.

One case that to this day remains unexplained is the case that occurred in Magherafelt in April 1998 where a group of walkers spotted a strange light in the sky while they were hiking through so local forests.

One witness from the group said, "We looked up and saw the ship in the sky,".

"It changed from an oval shape to a disc shape before our eyes. There was a bright flash of light and I found myself in the spacecraft."

"I noticed a few oval shaped heads surrounding me. I was momentarily stunned and couldn't move. When I woke up I was on a cold bench."

"The 'beings' were operating on me and I have the scars to prove it."

The group found themselves waking up, dazed and confused in the forest where they first spotted the lights.

The group stated that hours had past after looking at their watches.