East Wall Asylum Seeker Protest 'Hijacked' By Far-Right Groups Says TD
Tuesday 29th, November 2022
Ireland Report / Story
Protests have been ongoing over the opening of an accommodation centre for asylum seekers in East Wall, Dublin and one TD, Social Democrats TD for Dublin Central, Gary Gannon, said the demonstrations have been 'hijacked'.

The Minister for Integration Roderic O'Gorman has met with residents over the centre which currently accommodates approximately 100 individuals.

Minister O'Gorman said, "I've been inundated with calls from people saying that protest certainly doesn't represent their views or how they would approach things."

"What started out certainly last week as a larger cohort of people from the north inner-city and East Wall discussing how they weren't informed, didn't feel consulted has very quickly descended into what I would only describe now as a far-right rally."

"Just to give you an example of the type of thing that was discussed at this far-right rally in East Wall on Saturday; They went on to discuss EU flags - talking about how no flag other than the Irish flag should be flown in Ireland - including the Ukrainian flag."

"They were discussing the 'superwoke' from the stage, 5G was being brought in and the culture wars are being brought in, the Toy Show was being discussed from the stage."

"That's not reflective of Irish society - despite the fact that a kid from East Wall was on the Toy Show."

"This issue definitely started off about the ESB building in East Wall but it got into something much more beyond that."

Could this be the start of a rise in far-right influences seen spreading through Europe the past couple of years or simply a group of people standing up for the right to know who is living next door to them?!