Beast of Oulart Hill - August 2021
Monday 16th, August 2021
Early August 2021 saw the most recent report of a large black cat roaming the Irish countryside. This sighting took place in Wexford at Oulart Hill. Locals refer to the animal that has been sighted as the 'Beast of Oulart Hill'.

A local man named Lar spotted the black creature at what is estimated as being approximately 50 yards away from him. The creature was observed moving through a field and was captured on video. Unfortunately with most video recordings the video isn't of great quality. Lar believes that the creature that he saw was a panther-like animal.

Lar was interviewed by the Sunday World, in that interview Lar described what he saw, "The movement of it was just mad. It was so fast. It was actually frightening. I was watching it for what seemed like a minute or two - but was probably only 30 seconds before I grabbed the phone." "By then [the creature] was at the bottom of the field. It was like it just hovered across the field. If it was a dog or something like that it wouldn't have moved like that."

The last Lar saw of the creature was when it entered an overgrown area near to a stream.

Following on from the sighting another local of Oulart contacted Lar to say that what he saw was actually their domesticated black cat, but due to the distance and size of the creature Lar saw he isn't convinced and has asked the local to come up to the spot where he saw the creature and they would do a recreation to get a better idea of the size of the creature.

Lar went on to further state that in the days leading up to the sighting that there was a small red helicopter flying over the field were he had witnessed the creature, "There was a small red private helicopter flying over the field the day before the sighting, the day of the sighting and the day after. We were wondering if that was just coincidence or if it was someone looking for an escaped cat.", Lar went on further to say, "A lot of farmers have said foxes have been milling the sheep out of it recently and after this I've been thinking is it foxes or is it this."

Lar finished up with an acknowledgment that the video he has isn't great quality but that he knows what he saw wasn't anything you would expect to find in the Irish countryside, "I know what I saw and it will only be a matter of time before someone else sees it. People might have already seen it but been too afraid to come forward."

Since the sighting of a black cat-like creature in Oulart a missing cat that has been on the loose for over two weeks was said to have been found and reunited with its owners in the nearby village of Ballagh, is this domestic feline the 'Beast of Oulart Hill'?

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