The Monster of Muckross Lake
Wednesday 28th, July 2021
Located in Killarney National Park in county Kerry, and is also Ireland's deepest lake, Muckross lake, which is also known as Middle Lake or the Torc. The depths of the lake reaching up to 246 feet in some places are home to many different species of fish.

The idea of something large living in the lake is a relatively new idea compared to some of the other stories around the world of lake dwelling monsters.

It was in 2003 when the Irish Char Conservation Group (ICCG) completed a series of sonar scans of the lake to check the fish population of Arctic char.

In review of their results of the sonar scans they found a mass which was said to be the size of a two story house on the sonar output in the south-eastern part of the lake. "We have been unable to identify exactly what the image is," said Andrew Long, a specialist fisheries consultant partnered with River Monitoring Technology at the time, "But we know it was not a computer or logging error, as the gear was functioning normally".

Researchers nicknamed the large object seen on the sonar reports 'Muckie', with parallels being drawn with the Lough Ness monster in Scotland.

On foot of this large mass captured on the sonar scan, researchers looked into the history of the lake and found that there was a legend associated with Muckross lake of a gargantuan sea serpent that was supposed to exist in the lake's depths.

There is a nearby mountain peak that is known as Cnoc na Péiste or the Peak of the Serpent, which leads some people to believe this mountain peak's name is more evidence that possibly a large serpent like creature has lived in Muckross lake for a long time.