Shadow Whispers In The Night - Anthony Keerigan - 8th October 2022
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Monday 10th, October 2022
Irish Report / Story
In the latest episode from Shadow Whispers in the Night which is hosted by Jenny Sullivan Sunyasi and is joined by Tracey from the Afterlife Research Team while discussing all things paranormal with Anthony Kerrigan of GhostÉire.

This episode is a general chit-chat about the paranormal with Anthony, some of the topics discussed are about how Anthony got involved in the paranormal and what interests him with regard to the paranormal.

An interesting area discussed is about the difference of paranormal investigation based on location, and what if any differences exist.

The conversation moved on to talk about why there is such rivalry in paranormal investigation as with some investigation teams trying to cash in the paranormal.

The Limerick Hellfire club has a mention in this episode with some details around supposed inaccuracies of information on the internet about the clubs history.

There is much more discussed in this episode, to watch or listen click the link below in the reference links.