Irish Paranormal Investigators Capture the Púca On Camera at Lackeen Castle County Tipperary, August 2022
Monday 29th, August 2022
Ireland Report / Story
An Irish paranormal investigation group going by the name of Paranormal Supernatural Investigations Ireland (PSII) has posted on their Facebook a photo of what looks like a face looking out through bars on a window.

PSII suggest that maybe they captured on photo the image of the Púca from Celtic folklore.

The Púca comes from Celtic folklore and is said to be the bringer of both good and bad fortune. The Púca is said to have been a shape-shifter, meaning it could changes it's form and appearance.

A representative of PSII said, "There is a significant amount of Folklore and Paranormal activity connected to the site."

"It is said that it is now the home to a 'puca', a fairy shape-shifter from Irish mythology."

"The legend goes that some old hags were stealing from a dead body when an O’Kennedy came upon them."

"They were defended by the 'puca' which was captured by O’Kennedy."

"It was taken to Lackeen castle where O’Kennedy’s servants begged their master to let it go or else they would be cursed."

"After promising to never hurt any member of the O’Kennedy family, the puca was released.

"There is a local tradition which states that the 'puca' can still be seen roaming around the castle to this day.

"There is several different versions of this story, and it can be found in many books of folklore.

"We as a group believe folklore and history play a massive part into our research before we investigate places like Lackeen Castle."

PSII said that they had posted the photo on their Facebook page without mentioning anything in the photo, "We posted this image up on our Facebook Page, Paranormal Supernatural Investigation's Ireland and didn't mention anything about the image."

"Majority of people are saying they see an image of a person."

PSII seem to have good luck on a vast amount of their investigations by capturing something on a regular enough basis.