Tragic Couple Lay Deceased for Over a Year Before Being Discovered
Tuesday 28th, June 2022
Ireland Report / Story
On Monday the 20th of June 2022 a grim discovery was made in Cloneen, County Tipperary when the bodies of Nicholas Smith, 81, and his wife Hilary Smith, 79, were found at their home after a request for the Gardai to make a welfare call to the house.

The bungalow in a rural location which is miles from the local village is most likely keep the truth of what happened to the Smith's as it's come out today that the full circumstances as to what happened may never be known.

The Smith's bodies have lay in the rural bungalow for over a years since their passing is what is being described as a tragedy, in this day and age how can someone just disappear with no one becoming suspicious?

Nicholas and Hilary are said to originally be from the UK and moved to Cloneen, but in 2020 the couple made it known that they intended to move to France and that they were selling their bungalow.

One local in the post office on Tuesday after the discover said of the Smith's plans to move to France, "We took it at face value that they were moving abroad,".

In 2020 the Smith's had paid a local workman to cut the grass at their bungalow which eventually the workman stopped after a period of time.

It was only after a neighbor noticed that their were two vehicles parked at the back of the Smith's bungalow, the local man began to wonder if the Smith's had move without their cars, sold them as part of the house sale or just why were the two cars still there.

The local man passed his concern onto a local councillor Mark Fitzgerald who in turn passed on the concern to local Gardaí which is what led to the discovery of couple's bodies.

The questions now are, How did the couple die? Were the deaths from natural causes? Covid? Carbon monoxide poisoning? the list goes on.

Hopefully time will allow the facts of this unfortunate case come to light.