Do Dire Wolves Still Roam the Irish Countryside and Forests?
Wednesday 23rd, June 2021
There have been many sightings reported of what people believe to be dire wolves in Ireland over the years by hikers and people driving through heavily forested roads. But to date there has been no confirmed sighting or any evidence to suggest that the supposedly existing creature still roams around Ireland.

One of the places it's believed that a dire wolf was seen is in county Fermanagh in Northern Ireland. In 2012 local hikers claimed to witness a pack of wolf-like creatures, the hikers described them as wolf-like with stockier legs, a wider head and shorter ears.

There was a more recent sighting reported in 2015 just on the border of county Laois and county Offaly, an individual was driving through a forested area, after thinking they took a wrong turn they stopped the car to try and figure out where they were. Then out of the corner of the witnesses eye they noticed something up ahead in the cars headlights, moving out from the trees on the left side of the road, the creature walked into the middle of the road then stopped and turned it's head to look at the car for up to 10 seconds, the witness describes the creature as having really bright shiny blue eyes. After these 10 seconds had past the creature continued on across the road and disappeared into the forest on the right side of the road. Being unnerved and unsure of what the witness just saw they made it out of the area as quickly as possible. The witness describes the creature as being massive, white in colour with a tail and a large head.

Dire wolves are a now extinct species of canine that were to have been around till about 12,000 years ago. The average dire wolf had smaller feet and a larger head, stronger/heavier bones and upto a 30% more powerful bite force than a gray wolf.

There are many stories that have made their way down through the years in Ireland of encounters of large dog or wolf like creatures in the Irish countryside and forests and even though the stories of encounters may have slowed over the years there still comes the odd story every now and then that begs the question do dire wolves still exist in Ireland?

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