Experts Warning of Magnitude 7.0 Earthquake Due in Central U.S. in the Next 50 Years
Monday 7th, March 2022
Experts are warning central U.S. that they are overdue a magnitude 7 earthquake that could hit within the next 50 years. There are parts of central U.S. that have a high sense of complacency that experts are especially concerned about.

The earthquake is said that it will originate on the New Madrid fault line in Missouri which has been predicted for a long time, it covers areas including Memphis, Tennessee, St. Louis, Indianapolis and Little Rock, Arkansas.

Robbie Myers the director of emergency management for Butler Country, Missouri has said that despite 45 million people living in the danger zone the warnings have largely been ignored.

Myers went on to say that it's been over 100 years since the last quake which in turn is leading to a lot of complacency, anyone alive today will not have seen or experienced the devastation from this earthquake over 100 years ago.

If the earthquake was to hit today, Myers said that thousands of people could potentially die, bridges crossing the Mississippi River could fall, major highways including interstate 55 could buckle while oil and gas pipelines could break, causing nationwide supply disruptions.

The majority of residents in the danger zone aren't concerned about earthquakes due to the traditional thinking that earthquakes are a west coast issue.