Sunday 18th, July 2021

With a phantom dog, spirit of a murdered boy and the wandering spirit looking for his true love, Rathfarnham castle has more than a few haunting tales to tell.

Friday 16th, July 2021

With the prospect of not being able to afford a high class partner for their daughter, a mother and father plan to rob a stranger with dire consequences.

Wednesday 14th, July 2021

Aer Lingus Flight 172 crashed into the Irish sea with the loss of 61 lives which led to much speculation as to the cause of the crash, a few theories put forward were a missle strike, a bird strike or a mechanical failure.

Monday 12th, July 2021

A mysterious vanishing island, could it be the fabled land of Tír na n'Óg or Hy-Brasil?

Saturday 10th, July 2021

A long history from Druids to modern days guests unexpectedly experiencing poltergeist activity at the castle.